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  • Chinese Language

    (Best-seller)新高中中國語文應試系列 ── 模擬試卷(2014 加強版)(2016 年文憑試考生適用)
  • English Language

    (New Release)Complete Exam Practice for the HKDSE Core & Edge (2015 edition)
  • Mathematics

    (New Release)Longman Exam Series
    • HKDSE Mathematics Mock Exam Papers (Compulsory Part) Third Edition
    • HKDSE Mathematics (Compulsory Part) MCQ
  • Liberal Studies

    (Recommended)Longman New Senior Liberal Studies Mock Paper Pack
  • Information and Communication Technology

    Longman ICT Exam Series
    • HKDSE ICT Mock Papers (Paper 1) — for 2016 HKDSE Exam & after
    • HKDSE ICT Mock Papers (Paper 2C)
    • HKDSE Information and Communication Technology - Multiple-Choice Questions - for 2016 HKDSE Exam & After (New)
  • Physics

    (New Release)HKDSE Essentials: Physics Exam Exercises (Force and Motion, 3ED)
  • Business, Accounting and Financial Studies

    (New Release)NSS BAFS Compulsory Part Exam Practice (Second Edition)
    (for students taking HKDSE in 2016 and onwards)
  • Economics

    (New Release)NSS Exploring Economics Exam Practice (Second Edition)