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Complete Exam Practice for the HKDSE Core & Edge
No. 1 Market leader in All-in-one exam practice materials*

Complete Exam Practice (Core & Edge) provides students with extensive and exam-focused practice of all the key skills and formats they will need to excel in the HKDSE.

Set students up for better results

  1. Keeps students up-to-date with the exam trend
    Includes all the latest HKDSE formats
  2. Helps students to prepare ahead
    Includes question formats that have not appeared in any past HKDSE exams
  3. Provides extra practice
    Comes with 9 Extra Sets (Papers 1–4) in MyDSELab#
  4. Caters for learner diversity
    Features a variable-speed audio player so you can select one of three default speeds or exact speed of your choice
    Sample recordings of Edge Set 1 / Core Set 5 Paper 3, Track 1:

Incomparable online support#

E-books, MP3 Audio Tracks, MyDSELab


* Based on the book lists of 430 secondary schools in HK from 2010 to 2014 (Longman Elect & Longman Activate NSS Complete Exam Practice for the HKDSE) and in 2015 (Complete Exam Practice for the HKDSE Core & Edge)

# For adopting schools only