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Longman Liberal Studies Issues-enquiry Activities


Appropriate Level:

Secondary 1-3

    Brief Description:

    Longman Liberal Studies Issues-enquiry Activities is specially written to prepare students for New Senior Secondary Liberal Studies. This series is composed of ten units. Each unit focuses on a current issue that links two or more themes in the senior curriculum. The activities are designed for effective enquiry learning. They enable students to understand the knowledge and concepts in different study areas as well as develop the essential skills of problem-solving, presentation and creative thinking.

    Longman Liberal Studies Issues-enquiry Activities is composed of ten units:

    1. Beijing 2008 Olympic Games
    2. Influenza Pandemic Threat
    3. Social Enterprises
    4. The Elderly Poor
    5. Personal Growth Crisis
    6. The Tai Lake Incident
    7. The Queen's Pier Incident
    8. Global Food Supply
    9. Global Warming
    10. Citzens' Radio Saga


      • 'Warm Up' introduces issues for students' preliminary understanding
      • 'Task' contains a great variety of activities and a detailed explanation of key concepts for conducting a multi-perspective study of the issues, developing sound analytical and writing skills and constructing a knowledge base in a systematic manner
      • 'Follow Up' encourages interested and more-abled students to enquire into related issues or events
      • A 'Key Words' section to explain important terms in detail
      • A 'Concept Map' to summarise important concepts and their relationship to help students consolidate what they have learnt
      • 'Glossary' : Chinese translation for difficult terms is provided in the text and unit end for easier understanding of concepts
      • Answers, teaching suggestions and supplementary information are provided in the teachers' edition


      • Both Student's and Teacher's Books are available