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Longman Welcome to English


Appropriate Level:

Primary 1-6


    Don Dallas,Linda Pelham

      Brief Description:

      • the latest edition of the highly successful Welcome to English series
      • fulfils all the requirements of the English Language Curriculum Guide (Primary 1 to 6) 2004
      • contains contextualised and interesting learning activities and fun-filled stories
      • offers a systematic and user-friendly approach to the teaching and learning of English


      • authentic and interesting contexts to present the language and vocabulary items
      • well-balanced teaching and practice of the four skills
      • explicit teaching of different text types to enhance 'learning to read'
      • concise grammar notes to foster independent learning
      • systematic introduction of phonics skills and vocabulary-building skills to facilitate lifelong learning
      • enjoyable language arts activities and games to help pupils enjoy and appreciate English
      • a variety of cross-curricular topics for life-wide learning
      • supported by a select list of Perfect Match readers to promote a 'reading to learn' culture


        • Pupil's Books 1A/B-6A/B
        • Pre-task Language Practice 1A/B-6A/B
        • Listening Skills 1A/B-6A/B
        • Reading and Writing Skills 1A/B-6A/B
        • Grammar Practice 1A/B-6A/B
        • Territory-wide System Assessment Mock Papers OSM Version P2-P6
        • Self-study Books 1A/B-6A/B
        • Audio CDs (English & Bilingual) 1-6
        • Bilingual E-Books 1-6

      Components (for Teachers):

        • Teacher's Guide 1A/B-6A/B
        • Pre-task Language Practice 1A/B-6A/B (Teacher's Edition)
        • Listening Skills 1A/B-6A/B (Teacher's Edition)
        • Reading & Writing Skills 1A/B-6A/B (Teacher's Edition)
        • Grammar Practice 1A/B-6A/B (Teacher's Edition)
        • Territory-wide System Assessment Mock Papers OSM Version P2-P6 (Teacher's Edition)
        • Test Bank (for P1-P6)
        • Test Papers 1A/B-6A/B
        • Pre-Secondary 1 Attainment Test Mock Papers 1, 2 & 3 (for P6 only)
        • Super E-Books for Teachers 1-6
        • Teacher's Resources CD-ROM 1-6
        • Question Bank for KS1 & KS2
        • Flash Cards 1A/B-6A/B
        • Wall Pictures for KS1 & KS2
        • Seasonal Decorations
        • Beeno Puppet
        • Talking Beeno Machine & Talking Books 1A/B-3A/B

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