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Super Mice Series 超鼠系列


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    Sam Chu,Michael Sullivan


      • Based on the six areas of learning: Language, Self & Society, Early Mathematics, Science & Technology, Physical Fitness & Health and Arts, the series is written in order to stimulate and develop children’s multiple intelligences
      • Lively, colourful illustrations and photographs bring every text to life and stimulate children’s imagination
      • The series uses repetition, attractive illustrations and fun surprises to encourage children to develop language skills as well as lasting enjoyment in reading

      • 本系列圍繞六個不同的學習範疇而編寫,包括:語文、個人與羣體、早期數學、科學與科技、體能與健康和藝術,有助培育及發展兒童的多元智能
      • 書中生動有趣的插圖和照片不僅把英語學習變得生活化,更能誘發兒童的創意和想像力
      • 本系列通過反覆出現的句子結構、精美吸引的插圖和多款新穎的設計,帶領兒童從愉快的閱讀經驗中學習英語


        • Little Books 學生用小書 1-8 (size 書度: 225mm x 225mm)
        • Big Books 教學用大書 1-8 (size 書度: 376mm x 376mm)
        • Teacher’s Guides 教師用書 1-8
        • Trilingual Audio CDs 三語製作雷射唱片 1-8
        • Trilingual VCD-ROMs 三語製作視像.互動學習二合一光碟 1-8
        • 彩色識字圖卡 Flash Cards 1-8
        • Teacher’s Resource CD-ROM 教師資源光碟

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