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Mathematics in Action (Second Edition)


Appropriate Level:

Secondary 1-3


    P F Man,C M Yeung,K H Yeung,Y F Kwok,H Y Cheung, Consultant: Law Huk Yuen

      Brief Description:

      Mathematics in Action (Second Edition) series covers all topics required by the latest CDC Mathematics Curriculum for Secondary 1-3. The foundation part, non-foundation part and enrichment topics, and other components in the series give a most comprehensive treatment. Throughout, the series emphasizes the successful mastering of mathematical knowledge in an interesting and convenient way.


        • Chapter 0 Basic Mathematics covers pre-requisite knowledge for learning secondary mathematics
        • Spare a Moment articles for further reading include inspiring articles contributed by distinguished scholars and professionals
        • Concept Check ensures concepts learnt are well understood
        • Classwork lets students handle some simple questions after learning a new concept for consolidation
        • Quick Practice and Further Practice together provide example-related exercises for practice for different purposes
        • Let’s Discuss is written for sharing problem-solving methods and exchanging mathematical ideas
        • Exploratory Task is designed to further develop students’ investigative abilities, problem-solving skills and higher order thinking
        • Project Work with guidelines is provided
        • Summative Assessment is to check how much students really master the knowledge learnt in a year
        • Integrated Exercise provides questions which integrate knowledge acquired from different chapters. HKCEE MCQs are also given
        • E-tutor gives online tutoring for selected questions in the revision exercise of each chapter


        • Student’s Books
        • Workbooks
        • Revision Handbooks
        • Bridge Programme (P6 to S1)
        • Learning CD-ROMs
        • Student's Website & Online Assessment Centre

      Components (for Teachers):

        • Teacher’s Books
        • Workbooks (Teacher’s Edition)
        • Worksheets
        • E-books
        • Teacher’s Resource Files (with Term Exam Paper Kit)
        • Full Solutions to Exercises
        • Question Bank (Printed Copies and CD-ROMs)
        • Teaching CD-ROMs
        • Teaching Aids Package
        • Teacher's Website & Online Assessment Centre

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