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NSS Information and Communication Technology


Appropriate Level:

Secondary 4-6


    Lai Yiu Chi,Cheng Chi Shing,Yau Siu Hung,To Ka Wai,Henry C H Ha,Wong Siu Keung,Tong Kam Ming,C K Kwan

      Brief Description:

      New Senior Secondary Information and Communication Technology series is written in accordance with the latest Information and Communication Technology Curriculum and Assessment Guide (Secondary 4-6). It consists of Compulsory Part, Elective Part A Databases, Elective Part B Data Communications and Networking, Elective Part C Multimedia Production and Web Site Development and Elective Part D Software Development.


        • Easy-to-follow analogies for explaining ICT concepts
        • Rich up-to-date information and daily-life examples
        • Interesting activities on related topics
        • Ample exam-type questions for reinforcing the concepts learnt
        • Latest local and overseas exam questions provided for practice
        • Sufficient IT components e.g. E-book, PowerPoint presentations, simulations, videos, Question Bank, Online Assessment Centre and companion websit


      Components (for Teachers):

      • Student's Books (Teacher's Edition)
      • Workbooks (Teacher's Edition)
      • Teacher's Resources Pack
      • ICT Teacher's Toolkit
      • Teaching CD-ROMs
      • Question Bank CD-ROMs
      • Teacher's Web Site
      • Online Assessment Centre  (

      Companion Website: