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NSS Mathematics in Action


Appropriate Level:

Secondary 4-6


    P F Man,K Y Tsui,C M Yeung,K H Yeung,W H Wong,H Y Cheung,C K Wong,K N Au

      Brief Description:

      NSS Mathematics in Action is a new series written in accordance with the latest Mathematics Curriculum and Assessment (C & A) Guide (S4-6) and covers all the learning objectives of the Compulsory Part of the Mathematics Curriculum (S4-6). Throughout, the series emphasizes the successful mastering of mathematical knowledge in an interesting and convenient way. Two related series are also written for Module 1-Calculus and Statistics and Module 2-Algebra and Calculus of the Extended Part of the Curriculum. These series are coherent in principle, supporting students to learn more effectively.


      • Interesting Maths provides relevant daily-life examples, cultural and interesting information
      • Spare a moment articles for further reading include inspiring articles contributed by distinguished scholars and professionals
      • Concept Check ensures concepts learnt are well understood
      • Think Further provides questions for students to consider and explore further
      • Solving Tips and Reminder give ideas, useful skills and techniques for tackling problems
      • Classwork lets students handle some simple questions after learning a new concept for consolidation
      • Quick Practice and Further Practice together provide example-related exercises for practice for different purposes
      • Let's Discuss is written for sharing problem-solving methods and exchanging mathematical ideas
      • Investigation Corner features interesting problems to develop students' problem-solving skills
      • Further Applications including Exemplars and Case Studies guide students to apply mathematics to real-life situations
      • Open-ended Questions and HKMO Questions are included
      • Integrated Assessment provides integrated questions which require knowledge of different chapters to solve
      • E-tutor gives online tutoring for selected questions in the revision exercise of each chapter
      • IT Activities are supported with IT programs in CD-Roms


        • Student's Books
        • Workbooks
        • Revision Handbooks
        • Bridge Programmes
        • Learning CD-ROMs
        • Student's Website
        • Online Assessment Centre

      Components (for Teachers):

        • Student's Books (Teacher's Edition)
        • Workbooks (Teacher's Edition)
        • Teacher's Resource Files (with Term Exam Paper Kit)
        • Full Solutions to Exercises
        • Teaching CD-ROMs
        • Question Bank (Printed Copy and CD-ROMs)
        • Teacher's Website
        • Online Assessment Centre

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