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Pre-primary > Teaching Reference > 早期英語學習的挑戰 / Challenges in Early English Learning

早期英語學習的挑戰 / Challenges in Early English Learning


Appropriate Level:

Secondary to Tertiary / 中學至大專


    黃國成,Wong Kwok Shing

      Brief Description:

      《早期英語學習的挑戰 》以中英文雙語編寫,是一本專為本地幼兒教育工作者、師訓學員及家長編纂的優質幼兒教育參考書,內容切合香港實際需要,理論闡述扼要,活動範例實用。

      ‘Challenges in Early English Learning’ is a bilingual reference book written for local pre-school educators, teachers-to-be and parents. Its contents suit the Hong Kong context, the theories are precise and the activities are practical.


      • 本書深入淺出地探討有關早期英語學習幾個具爭議性的項目:
        • 想幼兒學好英文,用甚麼方法最有成效?
        • 甚麼是字母拼讀法和全語文教學法﹖哪個方法對英語學習較好﹖
        • 想營造一個豐富的語文環境,要注意些甚麼﹖
      • 逐一分析不同教學法的利弊,及建議有效的英語學習法
      • 理論與實踐並重 ── 提供15個親子及校園範例活動,讓幼兒愉快地學習英語

      • This book discusses several contentious topics concerning early English learning:
        • How may young children acquire the English language most effectively?
        • What is the Phonics Approach and the Whole Language Approach?
          Which approach can help children learn English better?
        • What should be taken note of while creating a language-rich environment?
      • The pros and cons of different teaching methods are analysed and suggestions are made for effective ways for children to learn English
      • Theories and practical applications go hand-in-hand ── 15 parent-led and teacher-led activities are provided to let children learn English while having fun