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Longman Explore


Appropriate Level:

Primary 1 to 6


    Lam Yiu Sing,Hung Siu Po

      Brief Description:

        • It is a brand-new course designed to introduce primary students to the science, technology and health science areas of the General Studied for Primary Schools Curriculum Guide (2002).


        • Written in clear and simple English with carefully graded text
        • Offers up-to-date and interesting information to arouse students’ curiosity and motivation to learn
        • Includes inquiry-based activities with inspiring guided questions
        • Fosters positive values and attitude through meaningful activities and current issues
        • Enhances students’ interest with exciting IT resources


        • A six-level course with 14 Student books
        • A six-level course with 14 Workbooks

      Components (for Teachers):

        • Teacher’s guide
        • Teaching aids
        • Worksheets
        • Test bank
        • Techno-edu kits
        • IT resources (e.g. e-books, virtual experiments, interactive games, videos, PowerPoint presentations, etc.)
        • Companion website

      Companion Website: