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Secondary > English Language > 朗文英語寫作活用辭典 (英英‧英漢雙解) / Longman Language Activator (English-Chinese)

朗文英語寫作活用辭典 (英英‧英漢雙解) / Longman Language Activator (English-Chinese)


Appropriate Level:

Students at senior secondary level or above, general users of English at intermediate to advanced level


    Longman Hong Kong Education, 朗文香港教育


      Longman Language Activator is a specially designed dictionary to help you produce your ideas in the English language, rather than just explaining the meaning of unknown words. It expands your vocabulary effectively, and helps you write and speak natural English.

      • 866 keywords are arranged in alphabetical order and divided into smaller sections each with a different heading
      • Individual word- or phrase-meanings that generally share the same idea, concept, or semantic area are grouped together
      • Detailed definitions help students choose the correct word by helping them understand the differences in meaning between words with similar meanings
      • Natural, corpus-based examples illustrate words or phrases in typical usage
      • Index at the back of the book for easy cross-referencing


      • 866個關鍵詞按字母順序編排,並按語義範圍列出大量相關詞彙
      • 釋義詳盡易懂,教你辨析同類詞語的異同和正確用法
      • 豐富的例證取自最新口語和書面語料庫,更貼近日常生活的應用
      • 書後檢索表詳細列出所有單詞和片語,標明其所屬關鍵詞,方便查找


      9789620014840 ( Standard, hardback / 硬皮精裝標準版, 195 x 130 mm )