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Interactive Science (2nd Edition)


Appropriate Level:

Secondary 1-3


    Tong Shiu-sing, Ip Hing-wah,Lam Wai-lin, Wong Tong-pak, Consultant: Dr Pang King-chee, Mak Se-yuen

      Brief Description:

      First published in 2004, Interactive Science embodies the spirit of the latest CDC Science Curriculum for Secondary 1-3 by fostering interactive participation and investigation; balanced development (in scientific knowledge, generic skills, and positive attitudes); and enjoyment of study.


        • comprehensive coverage of the requirements in the curriculum
        • simple and easily understandable text
        • up-to-date and relevant daily examples and information
        • meaningful and interesting experiments and activities
        • key points and checkpoints for summarizing and revising major concepts
        • useful concept diagrams, summaries, chapter-end exercises and self-assessment for effective revision
        • articles contributed by scholars and professional organizations to share experiences and views on science, technology and the society


      • Student's Books
      • Workbooks
      • Answer Books
      • Activity Books
      • Lab Skills and Scientific Investigation Handbook
      • Bridging Programme (P6 to S1)
      • Bridging Programme (leading to NSS)
      • Student's CDs
      • Student’s Website (
      • Online Assessment Centre

      Components (for Teachers):

      • Student's Books (Teacher's edition)
      • Workbooks (Teacher's edition)
      • Answer Books (Teacher's edition)
      • Activity Books (Teacher's edition)
      • Bridging Programme (P6 to S1) (Teacher's edition)
      • Bridging Programme (leading to NSS) (Teacher's edition)
      • Question Bank Hardcopies
      • Teaching Resource Packs
      • Teacher’s DVDs
      • Question Bank DVDs
      • Teacher’s E-books
      • Teacher’s Website (
      • Online Assessment Centre

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