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Pre-school Longman Elect


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    Pre-school Longman Elect 是全新的綜合英語課程。全套教材分為三級,屬於貫穿幼、小、中的 Longman Elect 英語課程系列之一。全套教材讓幼兒在升讀小學前打好英語基礎。Pre-school Longman Elect 教授字母、字彙、句式、發音等知識,配合有趣的故事及活動,為幼兒提供全面而有系統的學習經歷。全套教材配以培生易學筆,利用易學筆點撃並朗讀書中內容,令學習倍添樂趣。

    Pre-school Longman Elect is a brand-new integrated three-level English series for children. The Longman Elect series is a through-train English course from pre-school to secondary. As a start of the course, Pre-school Longman Elect prepares children for a smooth transition to primary education. The series introduces the alphabet, vocabulary, simple language structures and pronunciation of sounds in a progressive and systematic way through interesting stories and fun activities. The series includes the Pearson Easy Pen, which makes learning interactive and effective, as it reads aloud the most relevant sections in the books.


    • 透過故事教授學習重點,故事按主題編排,內容有趣,貼近幼兒日常生活
    • 課程包括早期數學、科學與科技等知識,為幼兒提供全面的基礎教學
    • 兒歌歌曲內容活潑,加上多元化的温習活動,幫助幼兒鞏固所學
    • 「發音」部分教授幼兒基礎語音知識
    • 「品德教育」幫助幼兒建立正面價值觀及品德,為幼兒的終身發展打好基礎
    • 「相片說故事」引發幼兒閱讀英文書的興趣
    • 「小小手工藝」教授幼兒創作與故事主題相關的可愛勞作
    • 「聆聽」部分幫助幼兒練習英語聆聽技巧
    • 全新的「迷你字母書」及「圖片字典」幫助幼兒重温所學,亦能讓他們享受自己製作字母書及字典的樂趣
    • 幼兒可利用培生易學筆聆聽課本內容,進行互動遊戲

    • Language items are introduced through interesting, theme-based stories which are related to the daily life of children
    • Maths and science content is included to expose children to a comprehensive curriculum at an early stage
    • Lively songs and rhymes, interactive revisions help children revise the alphabet, words and language structures
    • 'Sound' section introduces basic phonics skills
    • 'Values' section is specially created to foster positive values and attitudes, preparing children for life-long development
    • 'Photo stories' develop children's interest in reading
    • 'Mini projects' let children produce lovely crafts related to the themes
    • 'Listening' section helps children practise their listening skills
    • 'My Mini Books' and 'Picture dictionaries' help children reinforce what they have learnt and enjoy the funny process of completing dictionaries
    • Pearson Easy Pen allows children to listen to the words, stories and sound effects of each unit and play interactive games


    • 發聲學生課本1-6
    • 活動冊1-6
    • 發聲教學用大書1-6
    • 教師用書1-6
    • 發聲彩色字母卡1-2
    • 發聲彩色字彙卡1-6
    • 發聲歌曲及兒歌海報1-6
    • 句式卡
    • 雷射唱片1-6
    • 數碼視像及互動學習光碟1-6
    • 電子課本1-6
    • 教師資源光碟1-6
    • 易學筆
    • 教學支援網站

    • Talking Pupil’s Books 1-6
    • Activity Books 1-6
    • Talking Big Books 1-6
    • Teacher’s Editions 1-6
    • Talking Letter Cards 1-2
    • Talking Flash Cards 1-6
    • Talking Song and Rhyme Posters 1-6
    • Sentence Strips
    • Audio CDs 1-6
    • DVD-ROMs 1-6
    • E-Books 1-6
    • Teacher’s Resource CD-ROMs 1-6
    • Easy Pen
    • Companion Website

    Companion Website: