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Secondary > English Language > Longman Activate JS1A–3B Plus

Longman Activate JS1A–3B Plus


Appropriate Level:

Secondary 1–3

    Brief Description:

    Longman Activate JS1A–3B Plus is a set of six new coursebook companion booklets specially designed to complement the Longman Activate JS1–3 coursebooks by enriching students’ English Language exposure and extending their reading, writing, listening and speaking practice.


    The Longman Activate JS1A–3B Plus booklets are based on a variety of additional themes related to the modules in the coursebooks, and include the following features:

    • Stimulating reading passages in a wide range of text types
    • TSA- and HKDSE-style comprehension practice
    • Vocabulary practice for difficult words in the reading passages and new lexical groups
    • A TSA-style Listening, Writing or Speaking task in each unit


      • Student Books

    Components (for Teachers):

      • Teacher’s Books (with overprinted answers, model answers and audio scripts)
      • Audio CDs for Listening tasks
      • online Answer Keys


    • Longman Activate JS1A Plus: 9789880090257
    • Longman Activate JS1B Plus: 9789880090264
    • Longman Activate JS2A Plus: 9789880090271
    • Longman Activate JS2B Plus: 9789880090288
    • Longman Activate JS3A Plus: 9789880090295
    • Longman Activate JS3B Plus: 9789880090301