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Secondary > Geography > Living Geography 1A & 1B (2nd Edition) Reprint with minor amendments; 2A-3B (2nd Edition)

Living Geography 1A & 1B (2nd Edition) Reprint with minor amendments; 2A-3B (2nd Edition)


Appropriate Level:

Secondary 1-3


    Cheng Nga Yee Irene, Yeung Siu Hong Aaron

      Brief Description:

      The 2nd edition is a revised edition specially written for the new junior form Geography syllabus. The syllabus adopts an issues-based approach to teaching Geography. It focuses on the examination of problems our students encounter in their daily life. Following this approach, the student books are specially designed to enable students to learn actively through enquiry, inductive thinking and problem solving, and acquire abilities to achieve the goal of 'learning to learn'.


        • Completely updated
        • Great variety of tasks and activities for conducting an enquiry lesson
        • Key points exercises at the end of each unit for evaluating students' progress
        • Word Files section to explain important Geographical terms
        • Relevant project works to enhance students' learning skills
        • Plenty of colourful diagrams, photos, illustrations, maps, and brief and relevant information for effective learning
        • Diverse sources of information including newspaper cuttings, pamphlets and statistical data
        • Information and language simplified to suit students' standard
        • Ample mapwork exercises to build up student's map reading skills


        • Student's Books
        • Workbooks
        • Student's CD-ROMs
        • Companion Website

      Components (for Teachers):

        • •Teacher's Books
        • Workbooks (Teacher's Edition)
        • Teacher's Resource Files
        • Teacher's CD-ROMs
        • Teacher's E-Books
        • Companion Website

      Companion Website: