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Higher Education > Professional > Advanced Taxation in Hong Kong 12th Edition

Advanced Taxation in Hong Kong 12th Edition


Appropriate Level:

Higher Education or above


    Dora Lee

      Brief Description:

      This book is a practical and up-to-date book for all candidates taking the tax papers of the ACCA, HKICPA and IFPHK, as well as law students studying Revenue Law.


        • The book covers all relevant aspects of tax law and practice specific to Hong Kong, confronting both the principles and the practical applications in an easy and user-friendly manner.
        • Ample references are made to court cases and Board of Review decisions to illustrate the theory and practice of taxation in Hong Kong.
        • The text is further supplemented by worked examples in each chapter.
        • Useful notes are also provided to give guidance and help with exam techniques, drawing attention to common mistakes and oversights which occur in the exam.