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Longman Junior Liberal Studies


Appropriate Level:

Secondary 1-3

    Brief Description:

    Longman Junior Liberal Studies aims to build a solid foundation for junior secondary students in preparation for the New Senior Secondary Liberal Studies curriculum. It integrates issues and tasks into every unit and allows teachers to teach through an enquiry approach. It also helps students develop an ability to think independently and analyse from different perspectives. This series includes:

    • Quality of Life 1 (with worksheets)
    • Quality of Life 2 (2nd Edition) (with worksheets)
    • Rule of Law and Socio-political Participation) (2nd Edition) (with worksheets)
    • Globalization (with worksheets)
    • Public Health 1 (with worksheets)
    • The Environment and Sustainable Development (with worksheets) 


    • This series integrate issues, themes and units.
    • Let's discuss: To show students the issues for enquiry at the beginning of every unit and in-between content.
    • Task: To provide a variety of tasks for every unit to facilitate enquiry learning.
    • Useful thinking skills: To introduce thinking skills which are useful for tackling the questions in the units.
    • Reference: To provide background on the issues.
    • What you should learn: To provide a conclusion for every section of the unit.
    • Summary: To summarise what students have learnt in each unit.
    • Project work: To provide after-class activities. Students can enhance their knowledge through project learning individually or in groups.


      • Student's Book
      • Worksheets
      • Student's Support Website

    Components (for Teachers):

      • Teacher's Book
      • Teacher's Resources File
      • Teaching Support Website
      • Teacher's CD-ROM

    Companion Website: