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Bright Readers


Appropriate Level:

Primary 1-6


    Pearson Hong Kong

      Brief Description:

      The Bright Readers in the Longman Reading Project have been specially designed to offer a systematic and comprehensive series of storybooks for primary pupils.


      The stories are carefully graded into six levels and are developed in accordance with the English Language Curriculum Guide (Primary 1 – 6) issued by the EDB. The stories are based on themes that are familiar and appealing to children. Each storybook uses an original storyline, modern illustrations and fun surprises such as flaps, pop-ups and stickers to create a unique learning experience.


        • Storybooks
        • Big Books (available for levels 1-3)
        • Flash Cards
        • Trilingual / Bilingual Audio CD with Parents' Guides
        • Interactive CD-ROMs
        • Teacher's Guides
        • Copymasters
        • Activity sheets
        • Teacher's Resources E-Books
        • Assessment Forms
        • English Reading Website
        • Lesson Plans

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