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Secondary > Geography > 香港世界地圖袖珍本(第三版) Handy Atlas for Hong Kong (Third Edition)

香港世界地圖袖珍本(第三版) Handy Atlas for Hong Kong (Third Edition)


Appropriate Level:

中一至中三 S1-S3

    Brief Description:


    The third edition of the Handy Atlas for Hong Kong is a revised edition specially designed for the new Geography syllabuses.


    • 地圖和說明文字全部中英對照
    • 匯集了更多類型的香港及中國的專題地圖,如環境問題和旅遊
    • 資料豐富,包括人口金字塔、氣候圖表、照片和插圖
    • 附有大量與世界環境問題有關的地圖和資料,如荒漠化、污染、熱帶雨林的破壞和地震等
    • 重新繪製的政區圖,充分顯示各國最新的政治變化
    • 中英文索引條目詳盡,方便搜尋資料

    • Completely bilingual maps and explanations
    • More thematic maps of Hong Kong and China including new maps of tourism and environmental problems
    • A greater variety of information including population pyramids, climatic graphs, photographs and illustrations
    • More maps of various environmental issues such as desertification, pollution, tropical deforestation and earthquakes
    • Most up-to-date political maps
    • Comprehensive English and Chinese indexes