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Primary > Mathematics > Pearson New TSA Mathematics Mock Papers (New Edition)

Pearson New TSA Mathematics Mock Papers (New Edition)


Appropriate Level:

Primary 3 and Primary 6

    Brief Description:

      • Primary Mathematics
      • Mock Papers
      • To familarise students with the format of the TSA


      • This book contains 8 papers, each with a marking scheme and a result chart
      • All papers are modelled on the latest Mathematics papers of the TSA
      • The papers assess students' acquired skills progressively
      • Assessment objectives and their corresponding levels are clearly listed for reference
      • The marking schemes are wriiten in accordance with the Marking Scheme for TSA provided by the HKEAA, which includes Answers, Mark and Remarks


      • Marking Scheme
      • Results Chart
      • Barcode labels
      • Answer Key PowerPoint
      • Detail Solution