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Pre-primary > English Language > Pearson Easy Pen 培生易學筆

Pearson Easy Pen 培生易學筆


Appropriate Level:


    Brief Description:

    Pupils can listen to the sounds, words, stories, songs and play interactive games with the Easy Pen.

    1. Point to the words and sentences to listen to the pronunciations.
    2. Point to the pictures to listen to the pronunciations or sound effects.
    3. Point to the icons to listen to stories, play songs and games.

    Compatible with


    1. 點擊詞語和句子可聆聽標準英文發音。
    2. 點擊圖畫可聆聽標準英文發音或其他音效。
    3. 點擊不同的圖示可播放故事、歌曲和玩遊戲。



    Pearson Easy Pen makes learning interactive and effective, as it reads aloud the most relevant sections in the books.

    • Accurate pronunciation - Provide accurate native pronunciation everywhere!
    • Practice makes perfect - Train pupils' pronunciations with voice recording and playback functions.
    • Huge capacity - Store multiple series of talking books.
    • Reliable and durable - Authenticated by CE Safety test, easy to use by young children.


    • 標準發音 - 隨時隨地點讀高清真人發聲。
    • 加強發音練習 - 利用錄播功能比較學生發音是否準確。
    • 容量特大 - 可儲存不同系列課本資料內容。
    • 可靠耐用 - 獲通過CE安全認證,幼兒可安心使用。


    • USB cable
    • 1 year warranty
    • USB 連接線
    • 1 年保養

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