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Longman English World (For Macau)


Appropriate Level:

Primary 1-6


    Ian Fields, Sharon Cook

      Brief Description:

      A brand-new primary course that helps pupils build a solid foundation in English


      • Vocabulary items are introduced using colourful photos and pictures to arouse pupils’ interest.
      • Language structures are clearly listed with useful grammar notes encouraging pupils to learn independently inside and outside the classroom.
      • Reading texts engage pupils with a variety of text types and a wide range of comprehension activities to enhance reading skills.
      • Meaningful and fun practice activities familarise pupils with the target vocabulary and language structures. They are also designed with open-ended elements to cater for learner diversity.
      • Explicit teaching of phonics throughout the six levels boosts pupils’ independent learning ability.
      • Various language arts activities enhance pupils’ motivation in English learning.
      • Interesting aspects of English such as idioms and vocabulary building are introduced to broaden pupils’ horizons and encourage lifelong learning.


        • Pupil's Book 1A/B–6A/B
        • Integrated Practice 1A/B–6A/B
        • Listening and Speaking 1A/B–6A/B
        • Vocabulary Book 1A/B–6A/B
        • Self-study E-books 1–6
        • Self-Learning Centre

      Components (for Teachers):

        • Teacher's Guide 1A/B–6A/B
        • Integrated Practice 1A/B–6A/B Teacher's Edition
        • Listening and Speaking 1A/B–6A/B Teacher's Edition
        • Super E-Book for Teachers (with Courseware PowerPoints) 1A/B–6A/B
        • Teacher's Resources Centre

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