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HKDSE Mastering Mathematics


Appropriate Level:

Secondary 4-6


    C M Yeung, K H Yeung, K C Chan, K Y Lee, W K Ching, M K Lui

      Brief Description:

      MASTERING MATHEMATICS is a series written in accordance with the latest Mathematics Curriculum and Assessment Guide (S4-S6). It covers all the learning objectives of the Compulsory Part of the Mathematics Curriculum for the senior Secondary level (S4-S6). It has incorporated the latest question styles in HKDSE examination papers, and provides an effective guidance to students in tackling the HKDSE examination.


      • Mathematics Footprints and Behind Mathematics Footprints motivate students to study Mathematics through interesting articles and problems.
      • Quick Review, Let’s Try and Review Exercise help students get prepared to learn new concepts effectively.
      • Inspiring Activity guides students to explore and develop new concepts.
      • Concept Review ensures concepts learnt are well understood.
      • Classwork provides some basic questions for consolidation after introducing a new concept.
      • Reminder, Tips for Students and Rough Work provide useful solving tips.
      • Quick Practice following each example lets students practise example-related solving skills.
      • Skills Consolidation after each section strengthens students’ solving techniques learnt.
      • Maths File gives relevant daily-life examples or historical mathematical events to arouse students’ interest.
      • Further Question provides extended questions for students to think and learn further.
      • Time to Think stimulates and develops students’ higher order thinking.
      • Open-ended Questions and Explain Your Answer Questions are written to align with the latest trend of the HKDSE exam.
      • Key to Success in Exam provides typical exam questions and suggested solutions with useful exam tips for students’ reference. Exam-type Questions related to the chapter are also provided for students to prepare for the HKDSE exam.
      • Do and Investigate develops students’ interest in Mathematics through investigative tasks.
      • Exam Practice provides exam-typed questions covering topics learnt in the book for students to familiarize themshelves with HKDSE exam questions.
      • Further Applications guide students to apply mathematics knowledge to real-life situations.


      1. Student’s Books
      2. Revision Guide
      3. Bridge Programme
      4. Student’s Website

      Components (for Teachers):

      1. Student’s Books (Teacher’s Edition)
      2. Teacher’s DVD-ROM (E-book included)
        1. Teaching Resources
          • Teaching Schedule
          • Teaching PowerPoint
          • Animation / Video
          • Teaching Apps
          • Image Bank
          • Useful Websites
        2. HKDSE Resources
          • PowerPoint for Key to Success in Exam
          • Solving Technique Tutorial for HKDSE
          • Training Pack for HKDSE Questions with “Explain Your Answer”
          • Preparation for HKDSE (Junior Topics)
          • Mock Paper
        3. Exercise Resources
          • Basic Topical Worksheets
          • Worksheets
          • Exam Practice
        4. Textbook Information
          • Full Solutions to Exercise
          • Full Solutions to Other Items
          • IT Activity (Do and Investigate)
          • Extra IT Activity
        5. Students Resources
          • Drilling Programs
          • Full Solutions to Basic Practices in Revision Guide
          • Examples for solving EYA Questions
          • Graph and Grid Papers
          • Program for Calculator
      3. Assessment Resources
        • Question Bank (Printed Copy and DVD-ROM)
        • Continuous Assessment Kit
      4. Teacher’s Website

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