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Secondary > Mathematics > NSS Mathematics in Action (Second Edition) (Compulsory Part)

NSS Mathematics in Action (Second Edition) (Compulsory Part)


Appropriate Level:

Secondary 4-6


    C M Yeung, K H Yeung, Y F Kwok, H W Lee, H Y Cheung, P F Man

      Brief Description:

      NSS Mathematics in Action (Second Edition) series is written in accordance with the latest Mathematics Curriculum and Assessment (C & A) Guide (S4 – 6) and covers all the learning objectives of the Compulsory Part of the Mathematics Curriculum (S4 – 6). Throughout, the series emphasizes the successful mastering of mathematical knowledge in an interesting and convenient way. It is compatible with Module 1—Calculus and Statistics and Module 2—Algebra and Calculus of NSS Mathematics in Action (Extended Part). The whole series of NSS Mathematics in Action are coherent in principle, supporting students to learn more effectively.


      • Warm-Up Activities and Activities guide students to explore and develop mathematical concepts.
      • Classwork lets students handle some simple questions after learning a new concept for consolidation.
      • Maths Dialogue shows dialogues about students’ ideas and queries in solving mathematics problems.
      • Concept Check provides questions for teachers to access students’ understanding of concepts taught.
      • Tips for students, Rough Work and Reminder give useful tips to guide students in tackling problems.
      • Flash Card helps students master important mathematical concepts and relationships.
      • Think Further provides questions for students to consider and explore further.
      • Quick Practice and Further Practice together provide questions of different levels for practice.
      • Maths File contains relevant daily-life examples or historical information.
      • To Learn More provides suitable materials for students to extend their learning.
      • Check Yourself provides a short quiz that consists of basic questions to allow students to do self-assessment.
      • Exam Focus provides Exam-type questions with Question Insights, Suggested Solutions and Exam Tips to guide students to solve exam questions and note the importance of clear solution steps.
      • Investigation Corner features interesting problems to develop students’ problem-solving skills.
      • IT Activities are supported with IT programs on our companion website.
      • Further Applications illustrates how mathematics is applied in various real-life situations.
      • Integrated Exercise consists of integrated questions on the topics covered in each book.


      1. Student’s Books
      2. Practice Books
      3. Revision Handbooks
      4. Bridge Programme
      5. Student’s Website

      Components (for Teachers):

      1. Student’s Books (Teacher’s Edition)
      2. Practice Books (Teacher’s Edition)
      3. Section Worksheets
      4. Full Solutions to Exercises
      5. Super Question Banks (Printed Copy and DVD-ROMs)
      6. Teaching DVD-ROMs
        • E-book
        • Teaching Resources
          • 5-Minute Lecture
          • Animation/Video
          • Maths Program
        • Exercise & Exam Resources
          • Basic Topical Worksheets
          • Exam Practice
          • Continuous Assessment Kit
        • HKDSE Related
          • Exam Focus
          • Preparation for HKDSE (Junior Topics)
          • Solving Technique Tutorial
      7. Teacher’s Website

      Companion Website: