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Secondary > English Language > Longman Elect

Appropriate Level:

Secondary 1–3


    Jo Ann Nelson, John Potter, Sarah Rigby, Kitty Wong

      Brief Description:

      Longman Elect is a contemporary course that challenges students while teaching them the core vocabulary, grammar and skills they will need to excel in NSS1-3.


        • Stimulating reading passages covering a range of different text types
        • Systematic vocabulary building, supported by individual Vocabulary Books
        • Comprehensive coverage of key grammar items
        • Meaningful tasks with clearly defined products
        • Language Arts extensions featuring tasks based on authentic Language Arts texts
        • Self-assessment sections focusing on the vocabulary and grammar in each unit
        • An Assessment incorporating TSA formats
        • An Elective project based on one or more of the NSS Elective modules


        • Student's Books (including a Vocabulary book)
        • Workbooks
        • Grammar Books
        • Listening & Speaking Books
        • Online Assessment Centre (
        • Junior Secondary Reading Website (

      Components (for Teachers):

        • Teacher's Books
        • Workbooks (Teacher's Edition)
        • Grammar Books (Teacher's Edition)
        • Listening & Speaking Books (Teacher's Edition)
        • Teacher's Resources Files
        • E-books
        • Test Engines
        • Online Assessment Centre (
        • Junior Secondary Reading Website (

      Companion Website: