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NSS Exploring Economics (Second Edition)


Appropriate Level:

Secondary 4-6


    Lam Pun Lee, Wong Yuen Chi

      Brief Description:

      New Senior Secondary Exploring Economics (Second Edition) is a revised edition written according to the Economics Curriculum and Assessment Guide (Secondary 4-6) implemented in 2009 and the Supplementary Document announced in 2013. The series consists of five books for the compulsory parts and two books for the elective topics.


      • Task: motivates students to learn through daily-life examples, historical incidents and interesting stories, with guiding questions
      • Learning tips: elaborates upon key economic concepts and explains common misconceptions
      • Economics at work: applies what students have learned by using real-life examples
      • Go further: provides in-depth discussion of economic concepts and further exploration of more advanced topics
      • Test yourself: consolidates what students have learned
      • Past Exam Q: tests students’ understanding of key economic concepts
      • Exercises: offers questions at three levels of difficulty to cater for students of different abilities
      • Economics in the news: provides new excerpts with guiding questions to develop students’ high-order thinking skills through analysing real-life phenomena


        • Student's Book
        • Exam Practice
        • Companion Website

      Components (for Teachers):

        • Teacher's Book
        • Question Bank CD-ROMs
        • PowerPoint CD-ROMs
        • Companion Website


        • NSS Exploring Economics 1 (Second Edition): 9789882291768
        • NSS Exploring Economics 2 (Second Edition): 9789882291775
        • NSS Exploring Economics 3 (Second Edition): 9789882291782
        • NSS Exploring Economics 4 (Second Edition): 9789882291799
        • NSS Exploring Economics 5 (Second Edition): 9789882291805

      Companion Website: