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Longman New Senior Liberal Studies (Integrated Version)


Appropriate Level:

Secondary 4-6


    Cheng Lai Ling, Au Cheung Kong, Chow Suk Yee, Ngai Pak Kui, Leung Ping Yan, Lui Luen Tim Percy, Yue Wai Chik, Leung Wai Yee, Woo Tun Oy, Chan Kwok Shing, Leung Yi Man, Wong-Cheung Ka Lee, Yiu Yuen Wah, Chang Ping Man

      Brief Description:

      Longman New Senior Liberal Studies (Integrated Version) is specially written for the New Senior Secondary Liberal Studies curriculum. This series covers all the modules in the curriculum, including Personal Development and Interpersonal Relationships, Hong Kong Today, Modern China, Globalization, Public Health, and Energy Technology and the Environment, with each book covering one module.


        • Broaden the knowledge base, strengthen critical thinking skills and foster positive values and attitudes.
        • Bridge the junior and senior secondary curricula.
        • Adopt an issue-enquiry approach.
        • Provide relevant and up-to-date news and teaching resources.
        • Strengthen students' writing ability.
        • Cater for diverse learners.
        • Familiarise students with the format of public assessment.
        • Provide an all-round learning experience.
        • Allow flexible use of teaching resources.


        • Student's Book
        • Exam Handbook
        • Worksheets
        • Student's Support Website

      Components (for Teachers):

        • Teacher's Book
        • Worksheets (Teacher's Edition)
        • Teaching Support Website
        • Teacher's CD-ROM

      Companion Website: