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Primary Longman Express (Second Edition)


Appropriate Level:

Primary 1-6


    Chris Gray, Rachel Jones

      Brief Description:

      • The latest edition of the widely acclaimed Primary Longman Express series
      • A well-structured task-based course which helps pupils develop their key skills systematically


        • systematic language framework which facilitates effective teaching and learning of grammar
        • explicit teaching of reading, writing, listening, speaking and phonics skills in both Pupil’s Books and supplementaries
        • vast amount of vocabulary items with teaching of vocabulary building skills to boost pupils’ word power
        • great exposure to different aspects of the English language such as idioms and proverbs
        • diverse cross-curricular topics to broaden pupils’ horizons
        • effective teaching of practical exam skills for better results in public exams


        • Pupil’s Book 1A/B – 6A/B
        • Workbook 1A/B – 6A/B
        • Grammar 1A/B – 6A/B
        • Listening & Speaking 1A/B – 6A/B
        • Reading 1A/B – 6A/B
        • Vocabulary Booster for Writing 1A/B – 6A/B
        • E-textbooks 1A/B – 6A/B

      Components (for Teachers):

        • Teacher’s Edition 1A/B – 6A/B
        • Teacher’s Guide 1A/B – 6A/B
        • Workbook 1A/B – 6A/B (Teacher’s Edition)
        • Grammar 1A/B – 6A/B (Teacher’s Edition)
        • Listening & Speaking 1A/B – 6A/B (Teacher’s Edition)
        • Reading 1A/B – 6A/B (Teacher’s Edition)
        • Super E-Books for teachers 1A/B – 6A/B
        • Flash Cards 1A/B – 6A/B
        • Wall Pictures for KS1 & KS2

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