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Learning Journeys (English)


Appropriate Level:

Pre-k to K3


    Maria Herrera, Cesar Romero, Erin Ferris, Alba Maria Sanchez

      Brief Description:

      • Textbook Series
      • Pre-k to K3, total 4 levels
      • Included books, songs, stories and conversations that children can experiment, explore & interact
      • Provides opportunities to investigate, explore, test and verify important concepts


      • Morning Meeting
        Greet with a song that related to Big Question that connects all reading, vocabulary and writing
      • Readiness Circles Learning Journey
        Introduce new vocabulary daily
      • Centre Time
        • Play and explore hands-on experience
        • Provides comprehensive English Language Development lessons, integrated the below for cross-curricular teaching
      • Story Time
        Storybooks to help children develop concepts, vocabulary, and listening comprehension skills


        • Student Book with Integrated Activity Book + CD-ROM + Apps
        • Teacher’s Book with CD-ROM
        • Big Books
        • Posters