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Longman Target English (Second Edition)


Appropriate Level:

Secondary 4–5


    Edward Vickers, Jeremy Wheeler, Icy Lee

      Brief Description:

      Longman Target English is a five-level secondary course that covers the requirements of the Hong Kong Curriculum Development Council's latest syllabus for Secondary English. The aim of Longman Target English Books 4A to 5 (Second Edition) is to build on the skills learnt in Forms 1 to 3, to prepare students for the 2007 HKCEE ... and, of course, to have fun in the process!


        • Current, motivating themes
        • Systematic coverage of vocabulary building skills
        • Interesting reading passages (including a full range of Paper 1A text types)
        • Exam-style reading comprehension practice
        • Comprehensive coverage of grammar items (with contextualised practice)
        • Carefully controlled introduction and recycling of vocabulary
        • Enjoyable, motivating tasks (including integrated skills, speaking and writing tasks for each unit)
        • Integrated SBA activities for every module


        • Student's Books
        • Audio materials
        • Online resources

      Components (for Teachers):

        • Teacher's books (with overprinted and interleaved notes)
        • Audio CDs
        • IT materials (including IT Lessons and multimedia E-books)
        • Teacher's Resources Files
        • Online resources

      Companion Website: