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Longman Express (Second Edition)


Appropriate Level:

Secondary 1–3


    Jo Ann Nelson, Kitty Chan, Alex Swan

      Brief Description:

      Longman Express is a five-level secondary course that covers the requirements of the Hong Kong Curriculum Development Council's latest syllabus for Secondary English. The aim of Longman Express Books 1A to 3B is not only to provide students with a firm foundation in English but also to encourage them to participate in contextualised, meaningful communication ... and to have fun while they are doing it!


        • Interesting reading passages and themes
        • Systematic coverage of grammar items
        • Carefully controlled introduction and recycling of vocabulary
        • Enjoyable, motivating tasks (including guided writing tasks)
        • Well-balanced teaching of the four skills
        • Self-assessment test


        • Student's Books (including an audio CD)
        • Workbooks
        • Grammar Books
        • Listening Books
        • IT learning materials

      Components (for Teachers):

        • Teacher's Books
        • Workbooks (Teacher's Edition)
        • Grammar Books (Teacher's Edition)
        • Listening Books (Teacher's Edition)
        • Audio CDs
        • Teacher's Resources Files
        • IT teaching materials

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