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Longman General Studies for Gen Z


Appropriate Level:

Primary 1-6

    Brief Description:

    • The series introduces pupils to all the relevant areas of learning from the General Studies for Primary Schools Curriculum Guide (2011).
    • Covering the most contemporary topics, the series draws on the learning styles of Generation Z to help them develop the strategies and skills they need for lifelong learning.


    • Develop pupils’ higher-order thinking skills through a wide variety of activities
    • Introduce inquiry-based learning strategies by taking issues and example cases from real life
    • Emphasise self-management and social skills by putting classroom learning to practical everyday use
    • Adopt various tools and strategies to foster pupils’ creativity and ability in self-directed learning
    • Integrate STEM education into the pupil’s books
    • Cover up-to-date topics related to pupils’ daily lives
    • Provide comprehensive teaching support and digital resources for different learning needs


    • Pupil’s books (1A-6D)
    • Workbooks (1A-6D)
    • AR
    • Interactive games
    • Website

    Components (for Teachers):

    • Pupil’s Books (Teacher’s edition) (1A-6D)
    • Workbooks (Teacher’s edition) (1A-6D)
    • STEM Edu-kit
    • Teaching videos
    • Additional worksheets
    • Project learning activities
    • Teacher’s e-books
    • Question bank
    • Website