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Primary Mathematics in Action


Appropriate Level:

Primary 1 – 6


    Leung Yick-tin, Lau Ying-chuen

      Brief Description:

      • Primary Mathematics in Action series is written in accordance with the Mathematics Curriculum Guide P1-P6 (2000) developed by Education Bureau.
      • Enquiry-based learning approach is adopted in order to develop pupils’ independent learning abilities.


      • Linkage between Mathematics and real life experiences is emphasised, enabling pupils to apply mathematical knowledge in their daily lives.
      • Well-designed diagrams and models are used to help pupils analyse and understand the questions in order to strengthen their problem-solving abilities.
      • Challenging problems are provided to develop pupils’ high order thinking skills.
      • A variety of interesting group activities is included to enhance collaborative learning.
      • Besides the content, features like ‘Go further’, ‘Let’s do it!’, ‘Maths alive’, ‘Maths explorer’, ‘Challenge’, ‘Did you know?’ and ‘Module review’ are also included in textbooks.
      • Various kinds of questions are provided in textbooks and workbooks in order to consolidate pupils’ learning.
      • The teacher’s edition includes teaching plan and module overview, teaching notes, model answers and labels of various teaching tools, which helps teachers plan and conduct their lessons effectively.


      • Pupil’s Books (1A-6D)
      • Workbooks (1A-6D)
      • Website (Pupils’ Corner)

      Components (for Teachers):

      • Pupil’s Books (Teacher’s Edition) (1A-6D)
      • Workbooks (Teacher’s Edition) (1A-6D)
      • Teacher’s E-books (1A-6D)
      • Graded Worksheets
      • Website (Teacher’s Corner)
        • Teaching PPT
        • GGB Drawing Tools
        • GGB Teaching Tools
        • STEM Projects
        • Public Exam Papers
        • iTools
        • Maths Games
        • Simulators
        • Maths Glossary
        • Textbooks & Workbooks Errata
      • Question Bank (P1-P3; P4-P6)(Index Bookets and CD-ROMS)

      Companion Website: