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School-based ICT (Longman Computer Course for Junior Secondary)


Appropriate Level:

Secondary 1-3


    Cheng Chi Shing, Henry C H Ha, Kwan Chi Kuen, Angus H W Chan

      Brief Description:

      School-based ICT (Longman Computer Course for Junior Secondary) series is specially published to support the need of school-based junior secondary ICT education in Hong Kong. Teachers can flexibly arrange the curricula they require with the use of this series.

      The series consists of the following eight Themes:

      • Theme A – Office Applications
      • Theme B – Multimedia Production
      • Theme C – Computer Systems
      • Theme D – Web Authoring
      • Theme E – Internet Applications and Security
      • Theme F – RAPTOR Programming
      • Theme G1 – Scratch Programming
      • Theme G2 – Programming an mBot


      • Activity with the use of latest application software and online tools lets students gain more hands-on experience of using ICT to solve various problems.
      • Tip provides students with additional useful information on ICT techniques.
      • Online Extended Activity gives more able students a chance to do more challenging activities on the companion web site.
      • Exercise serves as a measure of how much students have grasped at the end of a chapter.
      • Various subscription modes, such as usual print, online, print-on-demand, are available.


      Components (for Teachers):

      • Student’s Books (with Teacher’s Guides)
      • Online Teaching Resources
        • E-Book
        • E-Assignment
        • Question Bank
        • Online Extended Activities
        • Online Enrichment Activities


      • Theme A – Office Applications: 9789880014826
      • Theme B – Multimedia Production: 9789880014819
      • Theme C – Computer Systems: 9789880014833
      • Theme D – Web Authoring: 9789880014864
      • Theme E – Internet Applications and Security: 9789880014840
      • Theme F – RAPTOR Programming: 9789880014857
      • Theme G1 – Scratch Programming: 9789882391895
      • Theme G2 – Programming an mBot: 9789882393011

      Companion Website: