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Secondary > Mathematics > Longman TSA Express—Mathematics TSA Revision & Mock Tests (Form 3)

Longman TSA Express—Mathematics TSA Revision & Mock Tests (Form 3)


Appropriate Level:

Form 1-3


    K.K.Hui,S Lee,C.S.Tin,K.H.Yeung

      Brief Description:

      Mathematics TSA Revision & Mock Test is written for Form 3 students preparing for the Territory-wide System Assessment. This book provides new revision units, mock tests and revision cards, which will effectively enhance students' ability in achieving the basic competencies required.


      • Revision Units cover all the 128 basic competency items stated in Mathematics Curriculum-Basic Competency for Key Stage 3. By providing questions to all the basic competency items, students can understand the overall coverage of the TSA and revise the relevant knowledge learnt in lower forms
      • 8 Mock Tests are provided. They together cover all the basic competency items. They serve to allow students a comprehensive and effective practice before the TSA
      • The Mock Tests are written in accordance with the style and format of the TSA
      • Answers/Solutions with marking scheme and the code of the basic competency item of each question are provided. Students can make use of them together with the Assessment Report in revision units and mock tests to do a self-assessment
      • Revision Cards are provided for quick revision on the basic competency items


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