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Further Physics


Appropriate Level:

Form 6-7


    Peter Fung,Peter Sun,Kenneth Young

      Brief Description:

      Further Physics is specially written in response to the 1992 revised Advanced Level Examination Syllabus for Physics. The series can also be used for the Advanced Supplementary Level.


        • The text is revised in accordance with the changes recommended in the syllabus prepared in 1992
        • The language used is simplified to help students grasp the key concepts effectively
        • All information and references are brought up to date
        • A second colour is used in both the text and diagrams to add clarity to the presentation of the learning material
        • The problems section is enriched with questions similar to those that appeared in the recent AL examinations
        • Each volume is accompanied by an experimental workbook and a Study Guide


        • Student books

      Components (for Teachers):

        • Student's books (Teacher's Editions)