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New Pre-school Longman Elect


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      Dr Mei-Lee Ng, Dr Samuel Chu, Dr Elizabeth Barrett and Ms Geraldine Geniusas

      Brief Description:

      New Pre-school Longman Elect adopts a multi-sensory approach for children to learn English, which is effective for all learners. The key skills, listening, speaking, reading and writing, are actively developed through story-telling, songs, rhymes, chants and a variety of language activities. The series helps young children build a solid foundation in English and prepares them a smooth transition to primary English.


      • Our professional team of ELT consultants applies multi-sensory approach which arouses children's motivation and interest in learning English
      • Well-planned curriculum with systematic structures and learning activities encourages children to become effective learners
      • Fun and new innovative elements such as Magic Colouring AR are added to actively engage children in learning, making learning more effective and fun
      • With the introduction of a lovely alien, Bumpy, and a group of lively characters, children can learn English in a fun and enjoyable way
      • Pearson Easy Pen make English learning come alive


      • Talking Pupil's Books 1-6
      • Talking Activity Books 1-6
      • Talking Big Books 1-6
      • Teacher's Guides 1-6
      • Talking Letter Cards 1-2
      • Talking Flash Cards 1-6
      • Talking Song and Rhyme Posters 1-6
      • Sentence Strips
      • Companion Website
      • Parents' Packs 1-6 (Parents' Guides, DVD-ROMs, Talking Picture Posters, Assessment Papers, Bridging to Primary 1 Booklet, Recording Stickers)
      • Puppets