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Pre-primary > English Language > Longman Young Children's Picture Dictionary (English-Chinese) 朗文幼兒英漢彩圖詞典

Longman Young Children's Picture Dictionary (English-Chinese) 朗文幼兒英漢彩圖詞典


Appropriate Level:

2-6 歲2-6 years old


    Carolyn Graham (兒歌/songs and chants)

      Brief Description:

      The Longman Young Children’s Picture Dictionary (English-Chinese) presents over 300 words in a variety of richly illustrated and photographed topics. The word list has been carefully researched to cover key words appropriate for students beginning to learn English. The accompanying free CD-ROM offers an e-book which enables children to listen to the vocabulary, dialogues, songs and chants. The dictionary is also “readable” by using the Pearson Easy Pen*. The Easy Pen audio data can be downloaded from the accompanying CD-ROM in just a few easy steps.

      *The Easy Pen is sold separately.

      《朗文幼兒英漢彩圖詞典》通過精美有趣的圖畫、悅耳的兒歌,讓兒童愉快地學習英語。詞典收錄 300 多個精心挑選的詞語,適合初學英語者學習。隨書附送光碟,提供包含全文內容的電子書,讓讀者聆聽詞語、會話和兒歌。本詞典也可以配合培生易學筆*使用,老師和家長只需利用附送的光碟,按幾個簡易步驟,就能把聲音檔案下載至易學筆。



      1. Over 300 words arranged into 35 topics. The contexts and situations in the dictionary reflect children’s daily lives: family, playing in the park, in the classroom, food, clothes, etc.
      2. The 29 songs and chants created by Carolyn Graham help children learn English in a fun way.
      3. A simple dialogue is included in each topic, adding variety to English learning.
      4. Children can listen to the words, dialogues, songs and chants on the accompanying e-book (on CD-ROM). Words are pronounced in English, Cantonese and Putonghua, introducing children to trilingual learning.
      5. The dictionary can be used with the Pearson Easy Pen.
      1. 全書共設 35 個主題,收錄 300 多個詞語,涵蓋家庭、遊戲、飲食、衣服等源於兒童生活的題材。
      2. 收錄暢銷兒歌作家 Carolyn Graham 29 首原創兒歌,讓兒童邊唱邊學,有助他們記憶詞彙。
      3. 每個主題均設有簡單的日常會話,使學習內容更豐富。
      4. 附電子書光碟,讓兒童聆聽書中的詞語、會話和兒歌。讀音包括英語、粵語和普通話,幫助兒童從小熟習兩文三語。
      5. 本詞典可配合培生易學筆使用。