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Pearson Tests of English


Appropriate Level:

低班–小六 (PTE 兒童英語考試)、小五–大專 (PTE 通用英語考試)、中五–碩士生 (PTE 學術英語考試)
K2–P.6 (PTE Young Learners), P.5–University (PTE General), F.5–Postgraduate (PTE Academic)

    Brief Description:

    PTE 英語考試共有3個分試:PTE 兒童英語考試 (PTE Young Learners)、PTE 通用英語考試 (PTE General)、PTE 學術英語考試 (PTE Academic)。PTE 英語考試是一個提供全球統一的試卷、考試、評分及證書的國際英語評核試,其資格己獲國際認可,能幫助學生順利升學。

    Pearson Tests of English (PTE) consists of three tests: Pearson Test of English Young Learners (PTE Young Learners), Pearson Test of English General (PTE General) and Pearson Test of English Academic (PTE Academic). PTE is an English attainment tests with internationally standardized test paper, setting, marking and certificate, reflecting students’ actual English standard, and hence increasing the chance of school admission.


    PTE 兒童英語考試、PTE 通用英語考試:

    • 提供全球統一的試卷、考試、評分及證書
    • 真正適合不同年齡考生
    • 充滿趣味、過程輕鬆,能與本地及世界教育趨勢接軌
    • 統一評分,質素保證

    PTE 學術英語考試:

    • 提供更快捷、方便、可靠的成績資料
    • 以電腦考試,保安度高
    • 高信度自動評分
    • 成績於試後 1 至 5 個工作天內發放
    • 成績可免費無限量發送院校

    PTE Young Learners & PTE General:

    • Globally standardized test paper, setting, marking and certificate
    • More suitable for children of different ages
    • More fun, more motivating
    • In line with the local and global education trends
    • Guaranteed quality and uniform standard of marking

    PTE Academic:

    • More efficient, more reliable, more test-taker friendly
    • A high-security computer based English test
    • Automated scoring
    • Score report available in 1 to 5 business days after the test
    • Unlimited score reports included in the registration fee