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Higher Education > English Language > 朗文當代高級英漢雙解詞典 第五版 / Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English (English–Chinese) 5th Edition

朗文當代高級英漢雙解詞典 第五版 / Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English (English–Chinese) 5th Edition


Appropriate Level:

高中或以上程度、英語達中至高級程度,日常需使用英語的讀者Students at senior secondary level or above, general users of English at intermediate to advanced level


    培生教育出版亞洲有限公司 Pearson Education Asia Limited




      • 收錄大量新詞新義,如 carbon footprint (碳足跡)、Facebook (面書)、podcast (播客)
      • 收錄文化詞目,如 FA Cup (足總盃)、Greyhound Bus (灰狗長途汽車)、Pulitzer Prize (普立茲獎),探索英美文化
      • 語體提示 (Register) 分析口語和書面語在用詞上的分別
      • 顯示口語和書面語中最常用的 3,000 詞
      • 使用頻率圖表顯示詞語及其相關詞組在口語及書面語中的常用程度
      • 語用學專頁指導學習者得體地運用英語,如提出請求或建議等

      Other features:

      • A wide coverage of new words and meanings, such as 'carbon footprint', 'Facebook' and 'podcast'
      • Entries on cultural knowledge, such as 'FA Cup', 'Greyhound Bus' and 'Pulitzer Prize' to help learners to explore British and American cultures
      • Register notes focus on the differences between spoken and written English
      • 3,000 most frequent words in spoken and written English highlighted
      • Frequency graphs show learners which are the most common words to use in a particular context in spoken and written English
      • Functional Language section helps learners to choose the most appropriate expressions for different contexts such as 'Requests' and 'Suggestions'


      FREE DVD-ROM with the full contents of LDOCE 5 (plus the pronunciations of headwords) and the Longman Concise Chinese-English Dictionary


      9789880092404(標準版,硬皮精裝,236×152 mm)
      9789880092411(縮印版,膠面精裝,206×135 mm)
      9789880092404 (Standard, Hardback, 236×152 mm)
      9789880092411 (Pocket, Flexi, 206×135 mm)