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Primary > English Language > Longman Active Study English-Chinese Dictionary (5th Edition) / 朗文進階英漢雙解詞典(第五版)

Longman Active Study English-Chinese Dictionary (5th Edition) / 朗文進階英漢雙解詞典(第五版)


Appropriate Level:

Senior Primary Students, Junior Secondary Students / 高小學生、初中學生


    Pearson Education Asia Limited, 培生教育出版亞洲有限公司


      • 100,000 words, phrases and meanings.
      • Words from the Academic Word List highlighted. These are important words to know when reading and writing academic articles.
      • 3,000 key words highlighted to show which words are the most important to learn first.
      • 40,000 corpus-based examples help you learn natural English.
      • Definitions are written in clear simple language, using 2,000 common English words.
      • Integrated Thesaurus explains 6,000 synonyms, antonyms and related words to expand your vocabulary.
      • 20,000 collocations help you learn word combinations and improve fluency.
      • Grammar boxes help you avoid making grammatical mistakes.
      • Usage boxes tell you more about register, British and American usage, as well as common errors.
      • Word Choice boxes explain clearly the difference between easily-confused words.
      • Language Notes section gives practical guidance for vocabulary acquisition and writing.
      • Interesting pictures illustrate the meanings of difficult words.
      • 收錄詞目、片語和釋義達 100,000 條。
      • 標示「學術詞彙表」中的單詞,有助閱讀和撰寫學術文章。
      • 顯示 3,000 個英語中最重要的單詞。
      • 英文釋義以 2,000 個常用詞編寫,簡明易懂。
      • 40,000 個語料庫例證,呈現地道英語。
      • 6,000 個同義詞和反義詞,並設多個「同類詞」專欄,有效擴充詞彙。
      • 20,000 項搭配信息,配合「詞語搭配」專欄,提升遣詞造句的能力。
      • 「語法」專欄為單詞提供額外的語法信息,有助避免犯錯。
      • 「用法」專欄提供更多有關語體、英美用法和常見錯誤的信息。
      • 「詞語選擇」分析語義非常相近的詞語之區別。
      • 語言學習專頁提供有關詞彙學習和寫作技巧的實用信息。
      • 增加大量配合文字的圖片,幫助理解。


      A free DVD provides the full text of the dictionary (with pronunciations of the headwords and colour illustrations) plus a special section for practising pronunciation.



      9789880082535 (Standard, flexi cover)
      9789880082542 (Pocket, flexi cover)