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Higher Education or above

朗文英漢雙解生物學辭典(第二版) / Henderson's English-Chinese Dictionary of Biological Terms (2nd Edition)

Biology students at senior secondary or tertiary levels, Biology teachers/researchers and professionals of related fields

朗文實用醫學辭典(英英‧英漢雙解)(第二版) / Longman Concise Medical Dictionary (English-Chinese)(2nd Edition)

Health professionals, physicians, nurses, medical students, researchers and translators / 醫護人員、保健及護理人員、醫科學生、研究人員、翻譯工作者

朗文實用護理辭典 (英英‧英漢雙解) / Churchill Livingstone Concise Nurses' Dictionary (English-Chinese)

Nurses, student nurses, medical and health professionals and translators 護士、護士學生、醫務人員、保健及護理人員、翻譯工作者等


Secondary to Higher Education or above