Longman Dictionary Series

Over 200,000 words, phrases and meanings at your fingertips

Millions of people use Pearson online dictionary every day ─ the easiest way to look up a word on the net. Now you can download Longman dictionary applications to your iPhone or iPad and have access to the most comprehensive and easy-to-understand English dictionaries via your iPhone or iPad in your pocket.

Just visit the App Store 'Reference' section in iTunes or on your iPhone to download the latest Longman dictionary applications.

Longman Dictionaries series includes:

Suitable for Senior Primary to Secondary Students

Longman Active Study Dictionary Longman Key Words Dictionary
Longman Phrasal Verbs Dictionary Longman Idioms Dictionary

Suitable for Secondary Students

Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English ─ 5th edition Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English (English-Trad Chinese) 4th Edition (US & UK)
Longman Business English Dictionary Longman Active Study English-Chinese Dictionary (Third Edition) (English-Simplified Chinese)
Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English Longman Phrasal Verbs Dictionary