Vocabulary Central

Pearson's Vocabulary Central App for Today's Texting Generation

R U able 2 rd ths? If so, you get an A+ in SMS (Short Message Service), today's communication method of choice for our texting and twittering generation. However, many educators are questioning whether basic grammar and writing skills are thus being left behind.

Pearson's Vocabulary Central App, available for iPad, iPhone and iPad Touch through iTunes for grades 6-12, is designed to reinforce language skills in entertaining ways through interactive songs, trivia games and flashcards. Videos featuring scrolling lyrics that provide contextual clues to help students discover the meaning of the highlighted new words, as well as other designs, for example the faster the questions are answered, the higher the scores, really intrigue youngsters nowadays and help them learn at their own pace.


Each flashcard provides an explanation of the word, a model sentence and a supporting image, all along with accompanying audio

Trivia games help check your understanding of each vocabulary you have learnt