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Ms Helen Chan

Volume 1
A Right Choice for Successful Teaching with Tablets

Ms Helen Chan from Ma On Shan Ling Liang Primary School shared with us her trial experience of using iLesson, an interactive tablet solution developed by Pearson, to enhance her English lessons. (Read more)

Principal Kathy Chung

Volume 2
Huge e-Learning Success at Po Kok Primary School

Principal Kathy Chung of Po Kok Primary School shared with us how her school has successfully implemented e-Teaching and the benefits of using iLesson. (Read more)

Ms Kitty Chan

Volume 3
How Do Online Platforms Encourage Students’ Effective Self-Learning

Ms Kitty Chan, the English Panel Head of Ng Clan's Association Tai Pak Memorial School shared with us how her school encouraged students' effective self-learning through using Pearson's online platforms, iTeach and iLearn. (Read more)