Learning Catalytics

1. What is Learning Catalytics?

Learning Catalytics (LC) is a complete solution for managing an interactive classroom. Pearson’s cloud-based technology enables instructors to engage students with assessments in real time, and rich data analytics are used to drive student interactions. With LC, teachers are able to:

  • Get real-time feedback on both closed and open-ended tasks that probe students’ understanding.
  • Access rich analytics to understand students’ performance and adjust lectures accordingly.
  • Assign graded online exercises to cater for learner diversity.

Supports multi-platform use
Can use on any modern web-enabled device — laptop, smartphone, or tablet, with no need to install any software

2. How can Learning Catalytics help students?

3. 19 question types are supported

Learning Catalytics (LC) offers a variety of question types to cater for the needs of different subjects!

Question types include:

  • Multiple choice
  • Matching
  • Filling in the blanks
  • Composite sketches
  • Highlighting
  • Image upload

and more ...

4. Rich analytics to understand students’ performance

With rich analytics, teachers are able to examine students’ performance and adjust their teaching accordingly. Teachers can also provide more in-depth instruction or correct students’ misconceptions.

5. After class assessments are available

Questions can be sent out as assignments and assessments after class.